Website Design & Development

Today’s business websites need to be easy to navigate, intuitive, attractive and persuasive. Most importantly, they need to be responsive, because so many potential customers are using mobiles / tablets to access the internet these days.

We at Zen of Ruby are website creation experts. We build web applications that  engage and convert potential customers. We have built award winning web apps that rank at the top of search engines, and deliver new business to the door of our customers every day


Ruby on Rails

  Vue JS

React JS

Code igniter

Mobile Apps Development

Look around and you’ll see, the entire world has gone App crazy. The average use of smartphones has sky rocketed for average person in recent times. This opens up a lot of opportunities for people who have great apps to enable interaction with there businesses. As reliance and loyalty on apps increases very quickly.

Zen of Ruby help’s your business tap into large number of mobile users, with powerful, useful and helpful apps that put your business in the palm of your customer’s as well as colleagues.


React Native


Custom software development

At Zen of Ruby we deeply client focused so we aim to provide a budget friendly solutions but at the same time we allow clients to specify there custom requirements,.  Our customers can select from various designs for their products, use their own logo and add personalized content to create a unique experience for the customers and colleagues.


  Workflow Automation

Internet of Things (IOT)

Business Intelligence

Machine Learning (ML)

Digital implementation

Implementation of a business idea into the digital world is a considerable and complex responsibility for any team. We have built our company around the needs of our customer in order to offer a hassle free, end-to-end solution. We managed to do this by adopting:

A can-do attitude with pragmatic solutions.

Eliminate disjointed and fragmented processes.

Shifts focus from time-consuming disorganized work to agile development focused attitude.

We ensure that all the expectations of our clients and more are realized by providing a complete team to support you through this journey.